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After participating in Transition Online’s (TOL) New Media Workshop for Media Professionals and NGO Workers (30-31 May of 2009) in Tbilisi I decided write something about it. Starting from this I’ll write about every training which I participate… Ok! Let’s begin..:)))

30 of the May- the first day of this training. Training held in ZP Hotel, 11 Betlemi Street in Tbilisi. As it is my column, I will write here all my opinions about it.

Training started at 9 in the morning.

The day before the manager of Georgia, Elza Ketsbaia called me and asked me to come before the time (before 9). Moreover, I decided to come there at time. J  I took a taxi and after 15 minutes was at hotel.

At 9 workshop began. It held in the second floor of the hotel. This was a right-angled hall. The tables were arranged face to face. There were papers of schedule, a pen and a notebook in a portfolio for each (20) participant on the tables. In the up of halls is fixed a projector for presentations.

So, at first, began Elza Ketsbaia.

Elza Ketsbaia– is country manager of TOL for Georgia. She worked for different media organizations many years and now has blog on new media situation in Georgia. (georgianblog.wordpress.com)

She gave brief information about situation in Georgia. After 15-20 minutes, Kevin Anderson showed his presentation and began talk about Traditional and New media. Then we had a 15 minutes coffee break, and then Anderson continued and added Twitter and Mobile services to his speech.

Kevin Anderson– Kevin Anderson is the blogs editor for Guardian.co.uk, where he focuses on journalism innovation. He uses blogs, social networks, Web 2.0 tools and mobile technology to break news, to engage with audiences and tell the story behind the headlines in multiple media and on multiple platforms.
Kevin has been a digital journalist since 1996, writing for both web and print, and broadcasing on the web, television and radio. Before joining the Guardian, he worked at the BBC for eight years. He joined the BBC in 1998, as their first online journalist based outside of the UK. From their flagship Washington bureau, he covered the US for the BBC’s award winning news website, and covered politics and technology coverage for BBC radio and television.
Kevin came to the UK in 2005 to develop a blogging strategy for BBC news. After coming to the UK, he was worked on the launch of Radio 5Live’s programme covering weblogs and podcasts and also the launch of interactive radio programme World Have Your Say on the BBC World Service.

Traditional and New Media: Why should blogs matter to traditional media? Transforming mass media into social media, Case studies: successful blogs and social media, building community and involving your audience, using blogs to cover niches and cater to personal passion, video as a new form of engagement.

At one, we had lunch. After lunch, Anderson continued 1 hour more.

At 3 Emin Huseinzadeh started his presentation.

Emin Huseinzadeh– (TOL Project Manager for the Caucasus) is a Baku-based new media expert and media trainer who has worked for RFE/RL and numerous Azeri online and print publications. Most recently, he worked as managing editor of the Caucasus Times, editing articles from all over the Caucasus and overseeing 10 reporters in the region. He received a master degree from the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management and holds an MA and BA from Azerbaijan State Economic University. Up until now,  he has conducted more than 15 local workshops in Azerbaijan and one international training in Georgia. He is teaching Cyber Diplomacy at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.

It was about Security and privacy.

Security and PrivacyEstonia, Azerbaijan and Georgia cases, viruses, malware, firewalls, free software and security issues, crowd sourcing as a basis of ultra-security, introduction to privacy issues, weakness of systems and sensitive information, Tor. proxies, ISP’s and stolen information, emails, IM, encryption, saving files for own use, slow Internet solution, is it possible to be totally secure?

It lasted until 6 pm with one coffee break.

The second day was the term of Dan McQuillan.

Dr. Dan McQuillan FRSA is currently Digital Guru at the Make Your Mark campaign. an is a former Director of The Open Rights Group and is lead consultant for Interactive Tech Tools for Transparency which uses crowdsourcing and mashups to promote anti-corruption and good governance in Central & Eastern Europe. In 2007 he co-founded Social Innovation Camp and he blogs about open source activism and social innovation at www.internetartizans.co.ukHe trained for Transitions Online in Prague and Riga, and is one of the founders of Social Innovation Camp. He also used to be Internet guru at Amnesty International.

He talked about his lovely websites, which we approximately everyday looks at. Ex:



His topic was “Social media, social impact”.  He explained why we have to open blogs, and what we can achieve in this way and meaning audience for blogger.

After his workshop we had a brainstorm, so we- each of us had to write an idea. Then Dan grouped it. we  separated to 3 group. The first was young group, second- environment, third- refugee group. I was in young group. Each group presented the project of the Website which they’d like to create.

Actually, I liked this training. I learned a lot of  Websites, type of blogs, privacy and etc. And the main thing is that I got new acquaintances… Thanks to everybody… :)))


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