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When you go to Bambis Rigi street, 7 (it is parallel to Chardin Street in Old City, Tbilisi) you can see red advertisement board which is written on it “Contemporary Art Gallery” with white letters in the left side. The name is also written in the up of the door. When you enter inside throw the big glass doors, as if you fall to the sorcerer of art. There are nearly 80 exhibits, which 50-60 of them are paintings. Others are figurative and utilitarian-decorative art like sculpture, enamel, graphic and etc. I also fell to the sorcerer of the paintings which hanging on the walls. Paintings are in different themes from different painters. Life, abstracts, seasons, love, oldness, family, and portrait – these are themes of exhibits. Generally, there is going development on the art area in Georgia now. Therefore, new galleries are opened, mostly in Old city and well-known places. Georgian painters’ professionalism and feeling beauties of life gives them to opportunity to develop. Because of Contemporary art gallery are situated in Old City they have many local and foreign visitors. Although it is inside of the three stored old building, but not all building belongs to gallery. Gallery is only in the entrance hall of the building. The way to the upstairs goes from inside of the Gallery and as if the works stay under of foot of people who goes to upstairs. (There are business centers in upstairs.) Another words place has not been elected correctly. Also Gallery has only one hall and it is small for 80 exhibits. Some of these are in the ground. Also the reception for upstairs is in here. It is dangerous for works, because they can be injured by accident. But when you look at the paintings, you go inside of them. You think, you feel yourself there – in painting. Your emotions go and come. You feel the aura of exquisite taste of different aged painters from 17 to 70. Georgian painters have own stile. Their conceptions are real, although they paint abstractions, too. They give positive energy and this gives to people to feel paintings as you see it. Contemporary Art Gallery works every day from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. This is private Gallery, and visiting is free of charge. Works are also for sale. All works have Originality Certificate. The exhibits are renovated regularly. They said their priority is to provide the most comfortable, high-quality and fast services to their customers.


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