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“20-year-old Pako Tabatadze had taken part in popular “Geobar” reality-show, which broadcasted in Rustavi 2. Soon Tabatadze had declared his homosexuality and he expelled from the reality- show. And he said show producer’s wanted him to declare it. Tabatadze said after this, he has to hang his head low, when walking down the street.”

This is the essence of Tabatadze’s incident. I want to compare two stories which written in this topic. One is Salome Asatani’s story, which was published in Eurasia.net under headline “Georgian TV show reveals country’s changing mores”. The second story- “Gay Man Expelled from TV Show” comes from http://www.civil.ge. The first one is feature-analysis story; the second is just news story. Author Salome Asatiani began this story with Tabatadze’s incident. She just described one man had problem. But is just a way to reflect “changing public attitude to gay issue”. She just uses this incident to investigate this topic. From the headline, it is clear. Author of this story uses many facts that said from Pako himself. She told Pako’s incident with the words of Pako. She did not call him “gay”. Pako said it in this story. Ex: “It was the show’s producers who told me [to do this] — they told me they would include me in the project if I was going to admit that I was gay,” Tabatadze said.” Also she want to do interview with the opposite side- representative of Rustavi 2. But they refused. It seems, author wants to be balanced. Other source for this story was Georgian Patriarchate. Ex: “The Georgian Patriarchate told RFE/RL that to the church’s knowledge, no official complaint had been filed in relation to this episode of “GeoBar.” But also she gave the words of Eka Aghdgomelashvili, Inclusive Foundation project manager, who said “The influential head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II, said such an event would be “unacceptable” and could lead to physical violence.” So author gave a chance to her readers to think and to get a result themselves. But she used speculations in her story: “Some say this is a legacy of the Soviet system, under which sexuality in general was a taboo topic and homosexuality was criminalized. Others point to the Caucasus’s traditional cult of machismo and strictly defined gender roles. And the influence of the Georgian Orthodox Church — which, like its Russian counterpart, has strongly expressed its anti-gay views — cannot be overlooked.” Also she gave an information from the law. At first she gave an excerpt from the Labor Code, then did interview from the Sopo Japarizde, an attorney and member of the Young Lawyers Association in Georgia. Ex: “The country’s new Labor Code, adopted in 2006, protects employees from being discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation. And homosexuality was officially decriminalized in 2000.”- Excerpt from the Labor Code. “The 14th paragraph of Georgian Constitution says that all people are equal in the face of law, regardless of their race, sex, etc. — and then concludes this sentence with a full stop,” Japaridze said. (An interview from S. Jaaridze) The second story from civil.ge called “Gay Man Expelled from TV Show”. From the headline, journalist called Pako “gay”. While reading a story, it seems story is biased and unbalanced. Because as a source, he/she used just representative of Rustavi 2. But author did not! give any sentence of the Pako Tabatadze. There is no balance in this story. This paragraph is not for news story. “In July an outdoor event – All Different, All Equal – dedicated to tolerance was canceled for fear of violence. Labelled by many as a gay parade, the Georgian Orthodox Church warned that any participation by sexual minorities would lead to confrontation and clashes.” Because, it gives to reader to think “gays are bad, even church don’t like them.” “Although homosexuality is legal in Georgia, it is generally regarded as immoral.”- this sentence is not fact, though it given as a fact. Because, who said it? It is unknown. Which law author means? Author used her opinion.


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